MuniPAC® Municipal Systems Testimonials

H2O Works™ Clean Water Municipal Pumps

Patterson MuniPAC® are available in horizontal or vertical configurations to meet existing space constraints. H2O Works™ End Suction Pumps are supplied as standard and feature a rear pull-out design and a 175 psig rating. HSC, vertical in-line and vertical turbine pumps are also available. Flo-Pak system designs accommodate flows from 100 gpm to over 14,000 gpm and pressures exceeding 300 psi.

Pressure tank no-flow shutdown is available as an option. PLC control is standard, offering low-suction-pressure auto-shutdown with reset and automatic pump alternation. Flow sequencing is optional. Special-duty packages for underground service or needs outside our standard packages are a Patterson specialty. With our flexible design concepts, we can engineer a package to meet your needs.